Circuit Board PCB Assembly Manufacturing Process

Electronics has been applied to every aspect of our lives, we all know circuit board PCB is the core of those electronics, but, do you know how it’s made, and functionally applied for your electronics devices? or how to perform the process of PCB Assembly Manufacturing?


The Process Of PCB Assembly Manufacturing

1)Solder Paste Printing By Stainless-steel Stencil

Firstly we need to use stainless-steel Stencil to print solder paste on the pads of PCB boards. solder paste is only applied for those parts which need to be mounted, That’s what Stainless-steel stencil is used for.

2) SMD Mounting Process

After printing solder paste on the boards, we’ll need to set up the data and programme of SMT machine as per pick&place files, which ensures those SMD components are mounted exactly where they are automatically.

Traditionally, this process was executed by manual, in which assemblers had to pick and place components by has really low efficiency with too many mistakes by workers.


3) Reflow Oven Process

Reflow Oven is for solidifying all SMD components on the board, those boards come

with conveyor belt after pick and place process, during going through Reflow Oven, solder paste will be melted and cooled, which will solidify all SMD components on the pads, that’s how SMD components are mounted on the boards

4) Initial Inspection&Through-Hole Soldering

After finishing the mounting of SMD components, boards need to be inspected by workers to ensure there’s no missing and bad soldering of SMD parts,then, there’s still PTH parts remained to solder.the process of PTH parts soldering are often done by manual,which needs professional and experienced workers to do in case there are pins of components which are not soldered and connected electrically, as well as the issue of orientation.

5) Final Inspection

After all SMD and PTH parts soldered in the right way, the final inspection would be the most important way to have good control of quality and ensure the quality of products.

Three ways to inspect: Visual inspection by manual, AOI(Automated Optical Inspection), X-ray…

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